we can do cheesy pop too

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so we did a very poppy song, because we don't like how pop has become a bad word. this is a preliminary mix, with no backup vocals yet, but tell me what you think


the file name is i_will_be_there.mp3

for anybody who's interested in how it was recorded, i used an assortment of sm-57s, 2 akgc-1000s for overheads and a shure beta52a for kick on the drums, an sm 57 on the bass, another 57 and an akg c1000s together for both guitars, and an sm-57 for vocals through my behringer ub2442fx-pro mixer into a delta 1010... all into cubase sx.

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Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Apr 19, 2004 09:15 pm

ug, that is truly a cheeeeeeeeeesy pop tune. I love the little hooks here and there. You managed to get a few guitar cliche hooks, as well as some synth cliche hooks in there. And just a straight fade ending. I chuckled all the way through it, but found it hooking me at the same time. I just kept thinking of everyone smiling all the way through the tune.

I loved the arrangement as well, very well done, and cant wait to hear it with backing vox.

I will give it a better listen in a day or two and see if I have any critiques for the mix, but I didnt hear anything really out of wack on first listen.

Keep us posted to any updates in the mix.


Pinnipedal Czar (: 3=
Since: Apr 11, 2004

Apr 19, 2004 11:19 pm

TRUE CHEESE !!! Great recording ! Did you run the direct-outs of that Beri into the 1010 for a live mix ? ... does Cubase record 8 tracks at once ? My co-writer just got it, and I havn't got to stick my fingers into it yet .

bace135 in the house tonight!
Since: Jan 28, 2003

Apr 20, 2004 01:24 am

wow, that's cheese. Actually it's pretty good though. I think the singing is actually very good. I think I would add just a touch of reverb to the vocals, and maybe boost the lows a tad bit, but overall it sounds clean. Like Noize, I can't wait to hear it with backup vocals.

Since: Apr 08, 2004

Apr 20, 2004 05:38 am

Hi there, i was expecting something REALLY cheesy, but i dont find this too cheesy to be honest :)

Its too catchy to be cheesy and has too many good elements and hooks, and too much good electric guitar in there. In my opinion. Its a very dynamic song, got lots of distinct parts to its structure. You've managed to capture a sound that sounds very "live" to me... i think thats mainly due to the vocals. They sound quite dry to me... maybe they could and should be sparkled up a bit with a touch of reverb? My only nit pick would be that i think the song is missing a bit of sparkle... a bit of crispiness to really bring it out. I think thats coz a lot of the instruments in there are sharing a lot of frequencies... i think this is something that would be easily done in the mastering phase.

Very good song IMO, and add me to that list of people wanting to hear the version with backin vox when its done ;)

The fat one always watches us.
Since: Nov 08, 2002

Apr 25, 2004 09:02 am

hhaha, well done. bouncy, cheezy, follows the template perfectly. My cat is digging it, (i think-sorta hard to tell sometimes) bravo on your pop- you nailed it!

Since: Apr 27, 2002

Apr 28, 2004 10:57 am

ug....do you have the 1010LT or just the 1010,...i have the 1010LT and two of the input channels are on XLR inputs while 6 of the others are on RCA, all the channels i run into the 6 RCA (from the direct outs on my behringer ub2442fx) sound really good and clean and whatnot (also using cubase sx) but the two channels that i record using the XLR inputs into cubase sound like distorted and almost as if they are clipping (they arent clipping)...let me know if you have had or know how to remedy such a problem...

Since: Apr 22, 2004

Apr 29, 2004 02:59 am

Aw... have I missed out? I get this:

The requested URL was not found on this web server:
File does not exist: /u/3/u/ug2102/public_html/song/

Since: Jan 12, 2004

Apr 29, 2004 06:43 am

Got the same reply as Wilum...Canny access your song!



Since: Feb 03, 2004

Apr 29, 2004 10:04 am

i use a delta 1010, oh and i took the song down to do some work on it, i'll let you know when i get it finally mixed with backup vocals, and i'll put it up again.

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