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I'm really begining to not be able to stand microsoft. The X-Box is made by microsoft, and developers are working on making a linux OS to run on the X-Box (all this is is a computer anyway) and I was all excited and waiting for this to come out, then I decided to start using x-box live to play online and junk, well x-box live has a code in it that will go in and make sure that the x-box will only work under the microsoft OS, meaning that if you have installed x-box live you have also gotten the code preventing you from running linux or any other os on the x-box not made by microsoft... and there is no way to undo it once the code has been enabled.

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Mar 08, 2004 12:23 am


the code is in place for copy-protection because those that modify the OS primarily do it to circumvent measures taken to prevent unauthorized copies of games being played on it. Also, MS wants xbox live to be hack free, unlike PC games that can be hacked to allow cheats to be used as an advantage thus degrading other users' experience. Why would someone want to put linux on an xbox anyway? use a freakin pc...

sorry, these things bug me. you buy an xbox and get mad because it only does what it is intended to do? a friend has his modded and has all his xbox games uploaded to his 120gb hd he installed in it, which he can play without the disc. he also has every nintendo, sega, and other legacy/arcade games able to be played on it through emulators. it is the coolest thing, but he also uses it illegally which sucks... he rents games and copies them to his hardrive to play forever. he can't play his games online with xbox live... of course there's which allows any game with 'system link' capabilities to be played online... really cool, since i've been using it to play halo online for over a year now.

anyway, the bottom line is this: if you mod your xbox, don't be mad if certain features are disabled becuase you violated the terms of use. you bought a car that doesn't fly... tough.

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Mar 08, 2004 04:36 am

Yeah, I am with musico on this. Microsoft also has to consider support. What would happen Loki, if when you put on Linux (which I know a couple peopel that have and said it sucks) then have problems, you call MS or bring it in for support what should MS do? If they decide to support it it's a nightmare, if they don't you would be here pissed off because youhacked your XBox and know they won't help you.

I have an XBox and I love it. I have desire to sit and hack around with a gaming console. That is what my PC's are for.

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