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Tim O'Gara, the second generation owner of "O'Gara's Bar and Grill", a St.Paul, Minnesota local pub and the home of "O'Gara's Garage" music venue (GREAT venue) has died from emphazema (sp?) at 66 years of age.

When he first got O'Gara's it was a small local bar built in a small downtown neighborhood (coincedently where the Barbershop that was made famous in "Peanuts" cartoons was located and where Charles Schultz first started writing his Peanuts strips) he added O'Gara's Garage which quickly became, and remain today, a great local venue for Twin Cities bands to play.

Rest in peace Tim, a long time supporter of local music. St. Paul won't be the same without you and would not be the same without O'Gara's.

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Feb 18, 2004 02:01 pm

Sounds like a great loss dB. Although, the man is gone, hopefully the tradition will carry on.

Czar of Midi
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Feb 18, 2004 10:25 pm

Many of us from Minnesota have played O'Gara's Garage at one time or another. He was always open to any kind of music. And he also got to know most of the bands that came through there. He was a personable fellow and a very nice guy as well.

We'll miss ya Tim.


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