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Hi Everyone

First off, please allow me to start by thanking you all for your help, effort and feedback thus far in my musical exploits... - very much appreciated from this musician I must say!

Anyway, I recently added a post (which I tried to delete before adding this one but I cant - this is also under "Home Recording" tho I suspect should have been here!) - anyway. I've updated my song "Apart From You" , trying to EQ properly and sort all the glitches as per everyones advices. I'd appreciate it if anyone can tell me if I've done this right! I feel, with some viable feedback my undetstanding will improve and allow me to EQ easier and finalise my songs better in the future. is the link to the song. I've also got another I'm working on (a cover) can let me know what u think fo this to if you want.

Many thanks to y'all!



P.S. Here's the link: Cheers Guys... Coco.

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