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okay, looking into getting a Mackie 8 Bus Series (32 X 8 X 2) and I want to get all into the patchbay thing, so im going to buy a ELCO/EDAC connection between the patchbay and and the wall mic panel, BUT, have never even worked with an ELCO/EDAC cable before. Need some in it hard to sader? what is a really good elco patchbay? as far as instalation is concerned, is it easier? harder maybe? anything to consider while setting up? Just for information, one ELCO/EDAC mic panel box (input) will be located at the front of a cathedral 250 feet away, and another connection will be at the other end (output). then that output will be connected from ELCO/EDAC to a patchbay. the rest is history...


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Feb 15, 2004 02:08 pm

They make several differant types, both soldier type and full on plug type. I am partial to the soldier type as you have many more options for cable and such. And it is one less componant to fail in the line.

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