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hey im going into a rehearsal studio with my band today-i want to record our progress. will i connect one mic directly to my minidisc or will i use two mics run them through my UB802 and then into the mini-disc? will this improve the sound much? what im worried about mostly is one instrument drowning everything else

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Feb 06, 2004 12:11 pm

I think in your case, the two mics would probably work better - but even so, it's more a matter of proper placement. More mics won't = a more balanced mix, but spacing out your mics evenly between the instruments will. Probably your best bet is to get a sample, listen and analyze it, then adjust the mics in between songs.
I once got a recording of an old band by placing a tape recorder in the middle of us. It was on a hardwood floor, even. The quality was not great, but you could hear everything fairly clearly.

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