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Hi Guys

After all yer most useful help last time, Im back with a general question BEFORE I get seriously started in laying down some backing tracks for a CD I plan to compile.

Basically, I've now sussed the leads/connections and program I am using a bit more and I am recording from:

BEhringer VAMP (Guitar via CABS) and (Vocals via Tube Pre-Amp Sim - VERY NICEEE)...

Anyway, this unit puts out a fairly strong STEREO signal and is fine. However - my question. When monitoring on Sonar (yep - Im REALLY getting into this - FAR EASIER than Pro Audio 9) - the levels are high (mid way up the green - not sure of db level) and go red, so I have been turning down both the LINE IN slider on the Windows Volume Control (for recording) and also the actual LEVELS on the Vamp2.

Should I just lower the Line In to its lowest and leave the VAMP or the other way around i.e. lower the master on the VAMP???

Help is appreciated as I plan on seriously starting to lay down about 5 songs very very soon. Also, here is a question:

When EQ'ing (yep, Im looking into doing this Right!!)..can someone tell me GENERALLY how I can get the Vox to blend in AND stand out, i.e. NOT JUST sit on top of the music. I read the articles on this site, but do I have to compare the waves for the whole song or what??

Again, the good lord bless you all - and yer mixing desks.

Thanks for the help...


P.S. Scotland has to be the coldest, wetest country known to mankind!!


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Jan 20, 2004 09:26 pm

Well, you want to use somewhat proper gain staging, so the V-amp should have its output set fairly high or wherever it weems to sound the best, then the main line input should be set to a little better then 3/4 of the way up. Then you can adjust your final input in Sonar. Just keep it mainly in the green and it is OK for minor bounces into the yellow which sometimes appears almost red, but do not let it hit the highest or the brighter red segment, this is digital clipping and is very nasty.

As for the EQ tricks, use what you have read here as a referance point. Each new tune is a bit differant and requires just a bit differant approach to EQ. I believe you will find a good article by jues that gives the basics for a good start, and then just go from there.

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Jan 22, 2004 02:48 am

Cheers Noize...

As ever, your advice is of top quality!

I have tried what you say and I am getting better sounding recordings. I am also considering adding a Compressor BEFORE the vocals and other instruments come in (I am using Sony Sound Forge 7) so these plugins all appear in Sonar ! :-) HANDY!

Anyway, should I compress everything (it seems to boost all my signals) to a nice volume without clipping (just using the plug in from Sound Forge) - I was using 2:1 setting for the compressor and didnt touch anything else...

Many thanks as ever..


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Jan 22, 2004 04:23 am

As long as you are using it that lightly it might be OK, but typically compressing EVERYTHING can lead to overcompression, which will suck the life right out of your sound. compression is a must on some things, like vocals, but overdoing it can be lethal to your music.

Rather than compressing everything in the mix, trying only compressing the worst offenders and turning the overall volume down, get it to stop clipping. Mix to taste, then bring the volume back up in mastering via some compression, maximization, Har-Bal or the like...

Just a thought...

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