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ok.. as promised.. a new thread for a new topic!

i still love this little board... for the price its amazing..

i have a couple of new questions...

1)i am using a few different software packages.. but i have been having some problems with cubase sx... it seems kinda slow... like i adjust a volume level and it takes a second to change...
does the problem lie with my machine (athlon 1333mhz and 256ram) or with the software?? its a cracked version (that i was using to evaluate the package).i dont have the same problems when i use cool edit and others... but i find cubase a little easier to use... i dont know..

2) i seem to get quite a bit of noise in my signal.. not really a noise but just a background kinda hiss.. and i sometimes also get these big kidna peaks when playing my guitar like BOING. jesus.. its late.. and im not describing this very well.. maybe i should give up.. where would noise be coming from? i am using a crappy radioshack style mic... could this be the culprit? just miking up my amp... but with the naked ear, the amp is very quiet (no noise)....

rock on ppl!


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Nov 15, 2003 05:12 pm

what kind of guitar are you on? they can be really noisy...i've done the following modification to a number of guitars now, and it is literally night and day difference:

crappy mic doesn't help. when you speak of the noise not being present to your ear, is your ear up to the amp like the microphone is?

that delay after changing stuff in cubase is something that i experience with vegas. seems like it comes with the territory.

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Nov 17, 2003 01:24 pm

by the way people...HRC does NOT condone the use of cracked or pirated software, even for evaluation purposes.

It does happen, and loads of people do it, but we dont want db getting sued by steinberg or anyone do we? actualy, seeing as im a mod, they could sue me... : o

anyways, we recommend using a demo version for evaluation purposes...cos theyre generally free and LEGAL

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Nov 17, 2003 01:46 pm

Regarding your noise problem... Noise can come froma variety of sources. The best way to isolate it is to test every component of your signal chain. It's a major pain but you may find that the time cost is worth it if you discover that, for example, it's the audio cord lying next to the bundle of power cords that's causing the problem. Are your audio components plugged into the same power strip or circuit as your computer equipment? try to isolate them. You can get a power filter that will help. Do you have a cheap games sound card? They can add noise too.

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Nov 18, 2003 04:16 am

i just realised recently, that unused channels on my mixer should be turned down when recording...they make a hell of a noise even when nothings plugged into them...

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Nov 23, 2003 02:55 am

Dito per Flametheband. Get a legal copy! SX is a fine product and well supproted. Right down to subisiquent releases and fixes. Well worth the price tag. When you do, boost your memory to at least 512. This is min spec.

Rad Shack makes fine equipment for land fill (MHO). But to truely know you need to get some headphones and listen "through" the mic. That is the key. When you have found the sound you want through the mic (truely your extended ear) walla! Listen carefully. Start by setting your mic with the amp turned off. Listen to the room from where the mic is set. Use blankets, padding, whatever to block out unwanted noise. Now turn on your amp. Again listen. Is it quiet? Finally listen to your instrument played through the amp and adjust the mic(s) for desired tone.

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Nov 23, 2003 12:41 pm

Also if your sitting close to your computer equip try facing different directions. With my bass guitar I have sit facing a certain way in a very narrow field or I get alot of noise out of it, my guitar for some reason doesn't much matter. :)

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