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Give a listen... what genre would you call this?? It is'nt the worlds greatest sounding track...But it has its moments. I recorded evry bit of it but the Hammerhead Drum line. Give me a hollar!! Like it...Hate it??? Copy and paste here: Any probs with the link: Like I say...I know it aint the best recording...I am using MT Studio with the VIA AC'97 Sound driver and my stock sound card. Considering these "handicaps"...give a shout..Thank you, Randy Evans-The Smith Brothers Band-Topeka, Ks

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Nov 01, 2003 07:34 am

its rocabilly blues with a clapton feel. Its really good and i enjoyed the listen.
i feel though that the mix needs tweaks, (im no pro but here goes) lower bass a little- eq a vocal hole in the rest cause it sounds like the vocals are fighting with the music, especially the lead guitar. Youre really close on a great tune, its the mix the mix the mix.......ask noise2u or jamie garret exactly how to fix it.
good tune, good band.

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Nov 01, 2003 12:13 pm

cool song, I'll go with tony on genre. Various elements need to be tweaked in the mix.

I would boost the EQ on the vocals just a bit (easy does it) in about 2-2.5k range to give them a little bit more edge and make them stand out better. I think tony is right in that the various parts seem to be fighting each other for their place in the mix, resulting in a somewhat muted overall sound. And like tony I'm hesitant to give specifc advise because I just don't know my way around mixing that well yet :)

Alot will depend on the capablities of the software your using as well, things like parametric EQ, noise reduction, compressor/limiters etc as to what you can do.

Really cool song though, played & sung very well.


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Nov 01, 2003 03:06 pm

Thats a good song, but the mix could be better, you need to notch everything out to fit in right (there is a very good article by BlueNinjaStar on this site that explains how do this very clearly, I found it very helpful), i agree with TonyD, it sounds very Clapton, which is a good thing

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Nov 04, 2003 07:45 am

I like this! :) Very catchy. Great guitar work, great vocals, great bass too! So far I agree with all comments re: mix & whatnot. I'm afraid I don't have much to add in that area. I would like to add that this song made me smile on what has turned out to be a very crappy morning so far, so THANKS! for that. Man, this is a really good song. Very, very nice job on it. I'd love to hear more of your material.

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