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my free Nero Express program is acting strangely.
It becomes "not responding" at the verification stage. It goes through the process normally up until then, saying the "burn is 100% complete".

It just started doing this, after several months of perfect operation . I unplugged the power and the USB connection a whil back when moving, could this be it?
When I put the "100% successfully burned" but not "verified" CD into my CDROM on my PC Tower, it shows up on the CD and it looks like the proper # of Megs (?)

Is Nero to be avoided? Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Since: Apr 03, 2002

Sep 09, 2003 04:52 pm

If it is written, then it's written, the verification is juts an error checking process. So your CD should work properly unless it did burn with errors, which is pretty rare qiven the quality of burners these days. The faster you burn, the more likely errors are to occur, but, if your CD does have errors, you'll know soon enough after trying to play it...

I personally have never liked Nero, I have always used EZ Coaster Creator from Adaptec, now Roxio. Of course, now Windows XP has built-in burning capabilities that work quite well...but has it's limitations.

Since: Mar 13, 2003

Sep 09, 2003 05:06 pm

thank you-
I have been checking the Win XP version out, and I was wondering what the limitations are. I have heard other mentions of Limitations elsewhere too..

But all I want to do is make Data CD backups of my big Cakewalk bundle files.

Since its Data CD, is the risk lower with the WIN XP program?

When the time comes soon I'm going to shop for the real Ferrari of CD burning software (actually-whatever I can afford )


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Sep 09, 2003 05:35 pm

Get the full Verison of Nero 7 - great program

Since: Apr 03, 2002

Sep 09, 2003 08:49 pm

The main drawback I have found is that if it sees .wav files only for the burn image, it automatically makes it a CDA disk, so you can't burn just raw wav files to disk as wav files. It also offers less control over burn speed and other options. There may be a way around these, but I haven't bothered to find them.

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Sep 09, 2003 09:08 pm

In addition if you need to burn an ISO image WinXP won't do that. For most simple burning operations it gets the job done though.

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Sep 10, 2003 05:51 am

dB: The main drawback I have found is that if it sees .wav files only for the burn image, it automatically makes it a CDA disk, so you can't burn just raw wav files to disk as wav files

Nero does that? I back up wavs all the time and I've never had any trouble with it trying to burn as a CDA. I open Nero, click "new" and when the wizard comes up I choose either CD-ROM, Audio, Copy, VCD etc. Then again I still have version 5 from like 1999 so... whatever works for ya i guess.

I think I know what you're talking about. When Nero is finished buring it says "100%.." on the start bar and a window pops up. i eithe rhave to click a button that says "delete" or "cancel" or something (referring to a log file) or I can just hit enter. in fact, if i recall correctly, it didn't always do that on my system either. Is that the same thing you're getting? If so, easy solution. hit enter

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Sep 10, 2003 07:25 am

No, Jamie, Windows XP burning functionality does that, not Nero's. Nero I know little about, I have used it maybe 4 times, I hated it, threw it away and never looked back.

I am not a crook's head
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Sep 10, 2003 11:20 am

I love Nero. With my 12x burner, it burns a full-length audio CD in about 5 fewer minutes than Adaptec or Windows Media Player.

I like it becuase you can control the length of silence between songs, which I could never do with either of the other proggies that I mentioned. They always put a 2-second pause between songs, which is not always desireable.

I think the burn speed can be controlled on the screen that comes up after you hit the "burn" button (the flaming CD icon). Maybe try using a different burn speed and see if the verification error goes away.

XP's burning facility works fine for backing up data. Just drag and drop your files onto your CD drive in Windows Explorer. Then you can right-click on the CD drive and tell it to burn the data to disc after you've moved everything over.

I've never tried to use XP's built-in burning to make audio CDs...I wouldn't even know how to do it.

Personally, I'd list Nero as the Ferrari of burning software due to its flexibility and speed.

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Sep 10, 2003 04:35 pm

Thanks everyone-

After "Burn 100% complete", Nero then makes my CD burner pop open (TDK Portable) and puts up a message: "nero must eject the medium before the verifciation stage, please re-insert the medium" ...Nero says "do not remove the medium" so here I don't actually take the CD out, I just let the door pop open, then close it again.

At that point the Nero window comes up "verification starting" or something like that. Then it goes through the porcess , showing % complete as it goes. Thats the usual way , when it was working.

Now, it gets to the Verification starting window and does not start up and does not show % progress. And my CD in the burner spins forever sad adn alone. When I look at Task Manager the Nero program is "not responding". Eventually I just turn off the burner and turn it back on again , just so I can get the CD out.

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Sep 10, 2003 05:42 pm

Alanfc, i'm not sure if this'll hlp, but i copy n pasted this from the Nero 5 help files:

[quote]The 'verify' feature can be used to check if ISO compilations have been written correctly on the CD. This may be extremely useful if you planned to backup your valuable data in order to be able to restore them after a fatal system breakdown. It would not be much fun to find out at this very moment, that the backup CD contains bad sectors or that the files have not been written correctly. However, if you use the Nero verify feature at the end of the burn process you can be sure that the CD is readable and that all the files have been written correctly.


well the italics didn't come thru since it's all bold and italicized anyways

All you have to do to activate the verify feature is to click on the "Verify Compilation" button in Nero's burn status. That means you can still decide, if you need verification or not while the CD is being written.

Nero will eject and reload the CD after it has been written. Afterwards it will compare all files of the compilation and will check if the file has been written correctly. For multisession compilations, Nero will compare only those files that have been written at the last burn process and ignore all other files. At the end of the verification Nero will display a summary containing information on the number of identical files, the number of different files and the number of inaccessible files, that have been found during the verify process.

The 'verify' feature is currently only available for ISO9660 compilations and only, if the Nero driver is installed in the system. This driver is installed automatically during the Nero installation.[/quote]

especially note the italicized section. apparently you can turn the verification thing off. it also looks like this is can be avoided by using something other that iso9660, which i'm not really sure what that is, it's the cd-rom standard i guess, so you probably run the risk of your dosc not being readable on certain systems. you'll find that iso option in the iso tab right before you burn. i recommend trying out the differnt setting and testing them. burn some wavs and try playing them back from disc and make sure the file names are good etc.


well the italics didn't come thru since it's all bold and italicized anyways :O(

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Sep 11, 2003 01:00 pm

I tried this again with Nero and tried something new; when the Nero gets to "not responding" in Task Manager: I fished around the pull down menus there and highlight Nero, then click "refresh" and Nero starts up again. Then Nero moves on to say "verification complete"

One other major thing I discovered last night.... Remember I theorized about the Drivers?. Well I always noticed that theres always a little icon down in the bottom right Windows desktop tray that comes up every time I turn on my external CD burner. Last night, I noticed that when I scrolled over it, it says "select to safely remove hardware" or something like that. But I know for a fact that when I was moving apartments a couple months ago, I just unplugged the Drive like it was just another plug and had no clue. This could have corrupted something? Is the "safely remove" icon there for a reason? (duh I think so Alan)
I think now that my Drive is ill, and not the Nero. It may explain why the E: drive window where my external is, doesn't pop up automatically anymore too.I will check this out tonight and probably uninstall/re-install the TDK Burner driver.

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