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Ok, thanks for the input on the "What are the recommendations" topic. Now I need some real advice on what to buy. I want to do recording and mastering at home, and on the road. With Protools, you need to have the hardware present with the software for it to run, so that is limiting. I want 8 inputs, be able to share wav files with others to make music, and to have ability to put on many effects on my music and the music that my friends send to me as wav files. Ease of use is more important than cost, compatability and expansion are key. I have a powerful laptop that I can firewire to. If I need a desktop computer I can get one.

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Sep 04, 2003 06:35 pm

Echo Audio Layla Laptop would be a great sound device;bfmtype=gear

Sonar XL2 (with free downloadable upgrade to 2.2) is very easy to use and powerful software;bfmtype=gear

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