The "Sensitivity" control on my Soundcard Box thing

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I'm getting down to the fine details here with input levels, mic position, amp settings...
I have an Edirol UA-5 external soundcard/box-thing. I am mic'ing a Marshall with the SM 57, into a VTB-1 preamp, then into this Soundcard.

The Edirol guy said that the pre-amps on the UA-5 become inactive when using a 1/4" plug, and the Sensitivity knob becomes a volume regulator or floodgate or whatever. This is fine. I have the VTB-1. Then he says he puts his about 12 '00 when he uses a preamp. This is what I have been doing.......

Shouldn't I run this Sensitivity knob full out wide open/all the way up? So that the max signal gets through? I'm not talking about volume levels, I mean the bits, the input signal.
But if I do that, the input level into my recording software meter-wise goes through the roof unless I cut the gains from the VTB-1 way way down. I won't be getting as much benefit from my hard earned VTB-1, or will I? I mean purely bits-wise, am I doing better with gain from my VTB-1 or increased Sensitivity settings from the Edirol. I am thoroughly confused. Something about A/D conversion here? I can get both scenarios to sound right, but still I must know. I love my preamp, and I don't have any feelings for the Edirol.

Hope this makes sense. Can anybody give me an opinion on this?


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Sep 05, 2003 05:20 pm

set it where ever it the highest peaks without clipping. start at the beginning (mic pre) and work your way down the line to each gain stage and try to keep the signal as hot as possible without clipping.

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Sep 07, 2003 12:02 am

Thansk Jamie-
I talked to another guy who has this Edirol and he puts the Sensitivity knob down to -0- and uses the output on his preamp for everything. I tried this and it sounds better. (for now)

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