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I am getting a annoying Hum when I record on my laptop. I am pretty sure it's from my four track. I have 2 RCA's coming out of the 4 track going into an1/8 inch jack into the mic jack on my laptop. I know this isn't the best way to interface guitar to computer but, is there another way I should try. I am in the process of building a desktop just for the Studio, what is the best way, I know I need a good sound card but do I need an anolog/digital converter? Is there any that soundcard/converter combinations? What exactly does the Digi 001 do, is this what I need? Sorry for all the questions all at once. I finally got time/(some) money to get started. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sep 02, 2003 06:52 pm

Hi J.

First off, you are running a preamped signal from your mixer into a preamp (the mic in on your laptop) - bad idea. Instead, try running the signal into the "line in" jack of your laptop, that should help address the hum issue.

Good soundcard? M-Audio Delta 44 is the choice around this neck of the woods. As for a Digi001, it's an interface for Pro Tools, so unless you plan on using P to the T, you won't be needing one.


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Sep 02, 2003 07:33 pm

to add to jues' comments:

if you're using a TASCAM 4-track or something similar in the place of a mixer, it's pretty much like using rock bottom. i've done it, it works, but it sure is noisy!

if you're going to do it though, make sure that you read the instruction manual and get the level-setting protocols right. the goal is to leave the slider switch in the region where the lines are closer together, and then adjust that mic/trim knob until the +6 LED on that channel is blinking only at the loudest sounds that the instrument will make.

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Sep 04, 2003 11:18 pm

Yup agreed. A good soundcard or USB substitute and a good analog mixer will clean up your recordings to a labtop immensely. The four track is pretty redundant as you will do much better recording directly to hard disk. You might want to throw together a USB 2 outboard HD for the labtop as well for music storage.

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