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Hello everyone. I'm new here and pretty new to recording. I made my decision a little while ago to start getting serious into recording, but without very many definitive ways to go, I'm pretty left in the dust. I've been using a Boss BR1180CD and just a crappy sure mic with surprisingly good results (I learned a lot of tricks to make things sound as good as possible), but I figured it would be good to get some nice mics. I managed to find a great Oktava package and I can already hear a great improvement, but with only two simultaneous inputs and the pretty crappy EQ and preamp controls of the BR1180, I figured I need to expand (especially since I want to record a full band all at once). I've been looking towards behringer mixers, because I've heard great things about them, and it seems like it would be able to hook into the BR1180, but I really have no idea how to go about that, or even if it's possible. Basically I want to do all the EQ and mixing through the Behringer (probably the MX3242X) and then just use the BR1180 for its large hard-disk and CD burning abilities. Is this all possible, and am I looking in the right direction? I'm so lost. Thanks in advance, Mike.

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Aug 26, 2003 07:10 pm


Where abouts are you based man? I am in the UK and have an MX3282a for sale - it's in great condition and boxed if you are interested?


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Aug 26, 2003 07:13 pm

In the suburbs around Chicago. I might be interested in that, but I need to get some info first. I dont even know if the MX is what I need right now. Like I said I'm pretty in the dark when it comes to a lot of this stuff.

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Aug 26, 2003 09:50 pm

If you are serious about it then I'm going to give you the same advice that we give almost everyone. Get a decent computer and a soundcard with multiple ins and outs.

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Aug 26, 2003 10:10 pm

I know that a computer is ideal, but at this moment I just don't have that option. I'm going to be slowly upgrading an independent console system. Any help in that area would be appreciated.

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Aug 27, 2003 07:28 pm

where in chicago subs?

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