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What is the best way to layer 2 differently sounding snares together? I.E., I'm trying to recreate the typical 'short snare and clap sound' used on many RnB snogs. Example, this snare is used on Syleena Johnson's track (number 2 and 3). I've included the link to amazon so you can listen

How can one edit the sounds so the clap appears to sound after the main snare? I've tried Battery but to no avail. I use Logic. Any help would be appreciated.
P.S. Anyone who is making hip hop or rnb, please shout my email.

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Jul 25, 2003 09:52 am

Post once, don't duplicate topics.

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Jul 25, 2003 10:04 am

It sounds like you are trying for the classic mystery snare sound that has been used by hip hop prodcuers, right back to the days of the SP1200.

It's pretty simple really - all you have to do is fade the clap sound in underneath the snare - I'm taking about a really short fade, it's mainly just to take the attack off the sound - that way you keep the attack of the snare, and then you get this second texture coming in smoothly - sounds very effective.

You can take this to the next level by using a filter instead of a fade, and filtering in the second sound.

Oh, and BTW: the key to Hip-Hop and RnB is Compression, and the blatent abuse of it :)

Hope that answered your question.

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Jul 25, 2003 11:51 am

it's hard to tell on the crappy Real audio stream (the wma streams were timing out) but i dont' hear any kind of special fades on either track 2 or 3. Both songs seems to have simple sample layering going on, that can be performed in any sequencing software. I'm sure I hear both a kick and a clap, but I'm not positive I hear a snare in there. I'd have to hear the whole song on CD to be sure.

I'm gonna try that trick jues, thanks -j

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