Just fired-up my AP2496 & SONAR 2.2 & Now I've got some ?'s

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Well I finally took the plunge & installed my new M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card. First I downloaded the latest driver from M-Audio. I waited all this time (2 weeks) until my SONAR 2.2 XL S/W arrived. Got that installed also & set the audio options to use the AP2496 ASIO drivers (it says my latency is 11.6 msec). I tried recording & playing back some audio & midi. Seems to work well (sounds stable & clean). I haven't tried any 24-bit recording yet, but that's next.

Now here's some of the peculiarities I'm wrestling with : First I can't get any sound out of the metronome. I brought-up the M-Audio Control Panel & made sure the WavOut 1/2 volume was turned-up. Also, on the Patchbay / Router tab, I've tried alternately selecting the WavOut 1/2 and Monitor Mixer. Still not getting any metronome. Also tried both the Midi Metronome & the Use PC Speaker in the metronome tool bar still no metronome sound.

Second problem : Outside of SONAR, I've had extremely variable results in getting sounds (eg. Media Player) to output to the AP2496 card. I have gone into the Media Player tools->options->devices->speakers->properties->set to: DirectSound: M-Audio Delta AP Multichannel. That doesn't seem to help, but I have found that sometimes Media Player does work (outputing to the AP2496), but only if I'm running SONAR. I've also tried another player (Roxio AudioCentral) & I've found that it very consistantly will play wav & mp3 files, when SONAR is running, but when SONAR is not running, with AudioCentral trying to play wav's or mp3's I get continuous rapid fire (~4 hz) clicks out of the AP2496. I've also gotten this click chorus (from the AP), without even intentionally trying to play audio to it. I Just exit SONAR & sometimes it starts -- get back into SONAR & it stops.

By the way I did leave my SB Live card in the box too. I've been able to go back & forth between using the SB & the AP, by going into Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Audio -> set playback & recording devices to either M-Audio Delta AP Multichannel or SB Live! Audio (also did this on the Voice tab). I may be goofing up somewhere in that process (causing Media Player to work intermittantly).

Late Breaking News! I found that I was able to get the metronome to play in SONAR by using the Midi Metronome and going to the Options -> Midi devices -> Outputs -> set to Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth. Is this the best way to do this? Why won't PC Speaker work? For that matter what exactly is meant by PC Speaker? Is that a separate S/W audio stream that has to be enabled somewhere?

Well sorry to ramble on so long about this stuff but I figured if anybody had the solution to these problems, it would be you folks on this board.
Later - Bob

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Jul 13, 2003 11:12 am

i don't think you'll get any sound out of the metronome from the Audiophile. I've got an M-Audio Delta 44 and Cakewalk Pro Audio v9 and the metronome plays either thru my PC speaker or from the MIDI device of my choice. In my case, my second sound card, a Sound Blaster happily does the metronome duties. Sounds like you just don't have an internal PC speaker. No biggie. It's the most annoying "beep" anyways. Concider getting a crappy Sounds Blaster card for $20 somewhere if you play games or watch movies on your computer.

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Jul 13, 2003 11:18 am

okay, I didn't read you whole post before I submitted mine. I see you got your metronome working. That's what I'm doing too, with the SB Live synth.

The PC speaker is the scary sounding little piezo transducer that makes annoying chirps, like when your computer is booting up etc.

I find that higher-end recording cards tend to be finicky about sharing with other programs. It seems that consumer grade multimedia cards like SB's are made to be able to mix a bunch of sounds from various sources, but a recording card is more designed to handle everything one channel at a time. I too get all kinds of trouble trying to do regualr tasks thru my Delta 44. That's what the SB Live's for. :O)

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Jul 13, 2003 03:21 pm

Alright thanks Jamie,
I guess I could use my SB for the metronome. Would there be any issues with latency or timing difference between metronomne clicks on the SB & what I'm recording and/or playing back on the AP ?

Also I see from other posts that other people have had mixed success with windows players routed thru M-Audio cards. I might try downloading Winamp and see if works any better than Media Player. I'm still curious about what SONAR is doing that allows my windows players to work (only when SONAR is running).
Later - Bob

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Jul 14, 2003 01:32 pm

Well here's another update on my M-Audio <-> Media Player problem. I talked to M-Audio Tech Support (amazingly I got thru to them almost immediately -- taking a day of vacation on monday & calling them in the morning must have paid-off). The tech support dude was very helpful. I told him I had downloaded & installed the driver (dated 6/13/2003 & the latest listed for the Delta series cards). He said that I should not be using the .29 driver unless I had some specific problems with the previous revision driver (dated 5/16/2002). I installed the .27 driver, and now Media Player works with & without SONAR running. Also I noted that in SONAR -> Audio Options my latency is stated to be 8.7 msec (not bad). It's just kind of curious why M-Audio would release an update to their driver that works worse than the original version.

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