Delta 44 pop pop is fixed I believe, but still a few ?s remain.

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To quote Jim Carry in one of his movies, can't remember which but love em all; ( I believe we have EXERCISED The demon, Father, this house is clear!.)After trying EVERYTHING to get rid of my noise problem on the delta, I succeeded in getting rid of several of those device conflicts ,the little yellow !points, updated, I think, every driver known to man or beast, and learned more than I wanted to about the internal funtions of my comp. Finally , I say ,finally, no I Scream, FIINNAAALLYYY!, I think I have got it. I went to the options tab in Pro Audio 9, clicked audio, then clicked the drivers tab. I started enabling and disabling input and output drivers, until suddenly, I discovered that if the Wav out 1/2 delta and Wav out3/4 delta output drivers WERE enabled, I got that pop pop feeling. But as I blindedly clicked along, I also discovered that when these little pups were DISABLED, I got beautiful clear recordings. With everything set like this , the recorded parts are being played through the SB card, my guitar, mic or keyboard comes through my little monitors, until I record it, and I can still use any of the delta inputs to record.

Now to my remaining ?s I have everything set to 24 bit, 44,100 khz so even though I have to monitor through the SB card , I am still recording in true 24 bit, right? Just not hearing it played back in 24 bit. Is my thinking correct? Is their any problems that could occur from routing it this way?

?# 2 In the patchbay router in the delta control panel I have monitor mixer selected and not wav out 1/2. What exactly does this funtion do? Could that be causing the wav out puts not to work, for some reason?

To test this theory I recorded about 60 different clips. ALL of them came out great,( I was using a mic plugged into my V-amp). I them enabled the delta wav out drivers, snd got that click click sound. Disabled, I got my great sound back. So, because I wanted to make sure, I recorded over 100 clips of various sizes, using the mic and guitar, doing every inpersonation I could think of(including Pavaroti the Opera guy and WolfMan Jack). All of these clips were fine. I even rebooted the comp, stared cakewalk over several time , to make sure it would still work. So far it has. So I'm a very happy camper at this point, as long as this keeps working.

If any would care to shed a little light on my remaining?s I would be very glad.

So thanks to everyone who took the time to help, because you kept me going. Sorry for the novel, I'm just exited! I hope I never have to ask another noise ?again. Hopefully, my future ?s will be stuff like, "How does this song sound?", or "Why do I have no talent?" things like that. Thanks again folks. Cheers....


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(2)Monitor Mixer - This is cool, I use this setting 95% of the time. What this does is let Outs 1/2 function as a monitor for *all* 8 channels of the Delta. Think of it as "listening" to all 4 ins and all 4 outs simultaneously. Anything coming into Ins 1/2 or 3/4 and anything being sent out to Outs 1/2 and 3/4 are all being mixed and sent out Outs 1/2. Learn it, it's a life saver.

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