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Kaos is only a form of insanity
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Hey all, Hope you are all well. Yeah I know I haven't been around for the last 3 years or so, but work got in the way of my musical enjoyment. Well at least playing live that is!

Anyway I have a question concerning a live set up. My old band has reformed and added a new member and we now want to use the occasional sample in our live set.

So my question is this............

What is the best way both equipment wise and/or software wise to play these small samples............???? The equipment I have at my disposal are..........Midi keyboard (basic) Laptop with Sonar, M audio sound card. Added to this I have a miniDisc, and the usual array of smartphones on android.

We will be using the the keyboard/laptop/sonar for the Keys sounds that we require .

Look forward to your replies

Cheers then

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MASSIVE Mastering, LLC
Since: Aug 05, 2008

Apr 03, 2013 11:45 am

MiniDisc is perfectly viable and still a popular pick as a backup if not a main. Samples to the left (and the system), click to the (usually just the drummer's) monitors.

I've worked with bands that use anything from a laptop with iTunes to just an iPod as well. Really, whatever is handy these days that's relatively reliable.

I'm still a fan of MD because of the visual feedback from the display, auto-pause, etc.

The Czar of BS
Since: Dec 31, 2007

Apr 03, 2013 01:00 pm

I agree with MM. That is still the most popular choice out there for samples. And there are many bands that use the midi keyboard as well. One of which that I work with is The Dead Milkmen. Rodney Anonymous uses that type of set up for all of the shows that I have worked with them. This does present challenges. As there have been many times that we had to restart his computer during a show.

I'm pointing this out to you, because the MiniDisc doesn't have this issue. Something to keep in mind.

Kaos is only a form of insanity
Since: Feb 03, 2005

Apr 04, 2013 02:09 am

Thanks guys, appreciate the advice!! I'll give the MiniDisc a try tonight. I've had the minidisc for about 8 years but never really used!! Maybe I'ill get my money's worth out of it now..........

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