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Greetings All,

Any input on the Akai EIE (or the EIE pro) for use with a Mac? It seems user-friendly and has received primarily good reviews, but I've seen some complaints about snap/crackle/pop (generally for the "Pro"). I'd be using it with a new Mac. I was looking around for USB 3.0 interfaces that A) have midi ports, and B) wouldn't require the removal and sale of internal organs, but I didn't really turn up anything that grabbed me...any input would be appreciated on the EIE or any other interface that you think might fit the bill. I'm not looking to spend more than about $250 (I am no pro), and I don't need a ton of I/O, the 4/4 that the EIE has would work just fine. I just have this nagging feeling that I've been mesmerized by the illuminated analog meters on the EIE....

Is this unit "outdated"? Should I be looking at some more updated tech? It seems to have all of the features that an amateur basement musician needs...

Thanks in advance for any input you can provide!!

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