Tascam US-800 (yeahhhhhh i know i know)

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im probably going to be able to be near my studio for a little while and something dawned on me... has anyone used the spdif out on it? if so, is it 5.1 or just 2? I just put 2 n 2 together: 6 analog ins, 5.1 out digital? idk. I was wondering if I could send the spdif to a different card n still get the signals with no loss, so I don't have to have sonar call for the Tascam driver (when the memory leak begins)... instead, maybe another usb card? I have 2 usb buses (2-2.0 and 1-3.0). the Tascam only conflicts when its in the same bus as something else. hope im not being too confusing. if the Tascam does what I hope, it should work right?

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Feb 01, 2013 07:33 pm

You could just test it out by putting surround input into it, but I would lay darn good odds it's two channel, typically they are in such devices.

Which is a bummer.

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Feb 03, 2013 11:42 pm

I did a little research and found that the SPDIF output on your unit is, indeed, 2 channel stereo. In 'active mode,' only channels 3 and 4 will be output in dual mono, or stereo depending on how you have them setup. Whats more to that though, is that only the SPDIF inputs are guaranteed for 24bit/96khz.

I can't find anything on the quality of the outputs. One would think they would parallel in performance concerning input and output, but in my experience with Tascam, this hasn't been the case.

So far as the 'memory leak' is concerned, perhaps there's a rouge setting in Sonar or conflicting setting between your inputs that are causing the issue?

From what I can tell the unit isn't USB powered, so there's no issue with voltage draw unless it relies on the USB for phantom support, which would be a pretty dumb move on their part in terms of power distribution.

If you're using condenser mics that require phantom, this may be the issue, but i doubt they would do this.

Try some stuff out and let us know. I'm just throwing out here and there's at the moment.

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