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FAO: Anyone who will kindly offer me assitance.

Dear Sirs/ Madams/ Music Buffs/ Music Conisuiers/ Part-time Producers/spotty little teenagers chancing their arm at electronic music prosuction,

I sit here, writing to you all in crisis with regard to my current home recording set up.

First of all I'll list my equiptment set up as I know you techies like it:

One is currently sporting a...

MIXER - Behringer XENYXX 802
SOUNDCARD - M-Audio Delta Audiophile
AUDIO CABLES - A tangled bunch of just about everything I need, just, I fear in the wrong order

If I listed anything else it would be deemed useless and I would possibly be accused of showing off, however, if you require any other info to resolve my problem (insert confused, desperate smiley here) please do let me know.

Ok, so if you've reached this far, I gather you are interested and ready to help, and for that... I cannot thank you enough (insert standard smiley face here (still have got my head around the emotions thing)) any way, I digress...

My problem is this....

I am unable to record audio separately whilst I am listening to a prerecorded audio sample. Whenever I try to a layer a track, for example a guitar audio clip and then add vocals (this happened earlier by the way!), I seem to record not only whats running through the mic but also whats playing through the headphones (and speakers unless I turn them off). I am almost certain this is a problem with the way I have set up my mixer.

Essentially I cannot record new audio clips whilst listening to existing ones playing my headphones. I am convinced its a problem with the way I have set up my mixer????

Now, I am the first to admit, that if I had had spent 2 years at college studying music as apposed to plumbing, I would have cracked this by now.

To aid your (hopeful) diagnosis of this situation I have attached pictures of my setup....

Now, I am fully aware of how the world goes round, so if there is any plumbing, heating or boiler questions you need answering please let me know : )

I look forward to your responses.

Peace, love, serenity and most importantly, the ability to record audio with ease.

Take care,


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Dec 28, 2012 09:25 pm

Could you also list how you have the tracks set up in cubase

I'm hazarding a guess, but what it looks like to me, is you are recording the RCA out off of the M-Audio card. along with the mic input, and everything is getting recorded into the mic track

If you have 2 tracks (one for the backing, and one for recording the mic) Make sure the backing track is -not- armed, but do set it to be monitored.

Hope that helps. And if I've just further confused you, let me know and I'll try to answer questions.

Edit: Actually, I had a mistake in my reasoning. Even if you disarm the backing track, it will still record the stuff off the RCA. But, to get it back into the M-Audio Card, it looks like you have to use the RCA jacks. So the problem is a little complex since you don't seem to have inserts or subgroups to record off of to go straight into the M-Audio Card.

Looking at the board's CD/Tape aux and mix sends, something you might try is pressing the CD/Tape to CTRL so that the tape inputs are monitored, but depress/deselect the CD/Tape to Mix. That might prevent the tape input from being recorded. I's worth a try anyway.

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Dec 30, 2012 12:06 pm

Just guessing, but do you have a feedback going back into the mixer for playback? In other words, is the mixer only handling the recording side or are you also monitoring through the mixer? I only wonder if perhaps monitoring from the computer directly and nout routing the prerecorded signal through the mixer would be your problem?

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Dec 30, 2012 01:17 pm

I haven't put enough time into figuring out the exact reason, yet, but something about the ins and outs of the soundcard going into, what I assume is, the tape in and outs on the board, seems wrong to me...I have always had audio interface outputs going into the amplifier and audio interface inputs being fed from main outs, or direct outs on channels, from the board...


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