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So, a friend of mine asked me to put something up for him, as he had a good idea, so I figured I'd help, it's turned out to be kind of interesting actually...

It's a site where people post old-timey pictures of their hometowns, lots of folks have posted )mostly Minnesota, but he'd like to expand it, I am helping him run it right now, training him in on how to use the tools in place.

Discussions are available on pictures, and in the forum each city added gets...slow right now, but picking up...he started the idea on Facebook for just one city and was very popular, so he wanted to expand it and allow others to join.

Check it out, it's proven pretty interesting...if you want a city added and have some pics to add to it, just request it in the forum or thru the contact form.

If not, please ignore this post :-)

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