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So, recently I stumbled across some old Optimus 10" subs I had laying around left over from a home theater installation, totally decent subs, heavy duty cones and coils...I found some really nice 10" cabs at a pawn shop for super cheap, so I got 'em...did a little work in the shop and mounted the speakers...nice solid boxes, should sound great.

My problem is this...amping them...does anyone know of decent external amps I could mount on the back of these cabs? Doesn't need a crossover (that is done at the receiver) just an amp, 100 watts each or so...I could route out a whole to surface mount an amp for something like this


But I don't need (or even want) the crossover...

Either a component for the media center, or an amp mountable on the cabinet would be usable...any thoughts?

If these cabs sound good, I may go back and buy their last two and use them as basis for a new bass guitar rig.

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Since: Apr 03, 2002

Jul 29, 2012 12:58 pm

OK, well, I was hoping for some more feedback, but figured I'd touch base and tell what I did do...I built my two passive suwoofers, winds up the boxes are great and the speakers sound good...one of the aged subwoofers has a blown voice coil but I found a replacement for the decent price...I found an Onkyo stereo power amp at a pawn shop for a great price and provides more than enough power.

Overall, once the replacement sub comes in, this is going to sound GREAT. The one sub does a lot...when paired with the former sub it's better...I can only imagine how nice it will sound when both subs are matching...

Interesting side note...the subs are Optimus Pro CSW1000 model...I bought them a while ago on clearance for a project I didn't finish...turns out, over the years, this model has developed a following...seems they are pretty solid subs...decent range down very low, so while Picked them up because they were cheap and on clearance years back, people now really dig 'em and continue to seek them out. Interesting.

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