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Ok, this is another post where I show how gullible I am. Musicians Friend posted these new on eBay at 99.00 as a buy it now and, in need of a USB recording interface, I snapped one up. Of course, I was thinking "These guys built solid 4-tracks for decades, this can't help but be good!"

Now I'm finding all sorts of issues with non-ASIO inputs dropping or clicking... the drivers apparently let these signals remain in memory until you restart, so you can slow a workstation to such an extent that only a full power off will fix it.

It seems from my reading that Tascam has a mixed record for driver support and, apparently, these bad boys have been discontinued (which is a shame as the inputs, etc and the limited live recording I've done with this one are very desirable).

My question is this: has anyone else here dealt with a similar situation with Tascam or another company and is this something I can "jury rig" into working properly (ie. I've already found a workaround for MOST non-ASIO input - using my computer's digital outputs as inputs to the unit) or should I just return it as "defective" and attempt to go elsewhere?

Kind of a bummer to admit defeat, but I'd rather not devote time if this is just going to be a waste of the same...

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