Looking for Baldwin SM-100 (E-mu Proteus/1) Special User Bank Sysex

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I recently acquired a Baldwin SM-100, which is a re-badged version of the E-Mu Proteus/1. Eager to try out different patches, I backed up the user presets via sysex and tried sending some patches (that I found on the internet) to it. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that my new MIDI interface doesn't handle sysex correctly. The presets loaded corrupted (talk about weird sounds). I also later discovered that my backup was corrupt as well.
I know that the original Proteus/1 user bank sysex is easily obtainable, but upon looking in the SM-100 manual and comparing patch names to the one in the Proteus/1 manual, I noticed that there are a few different patches that were included in the SM-100 (e.g. the Proteus/1 manual says patch 97 is "Punctuate," while the SM-100 manual says it is "Clarisynth"). I subsequently borrowed a friend's MIDI interface and reloaded the standard E-Mu Proteus/1 factory sysex.
If anyone here has or knows where to find the unique SM-100 version of the factory user bank, I would be very grateful.

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