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i have a .iso file. its a program (about 2gig). i understand the concept of .iso files (an exact image of a cd or dvd.... in my case it was a dvd PROGRAM not movie) and i have done the math by dividing the size of the file by 2048 and it is an even number (no decimals). i tried printing this image to a dvd-r (my computer reads all types of cds and dvds), i tried using multiple virtual drives, but i havent tried to open it with ZIP or RAR. The reason why havent tried method 3 is because this program had an autorun to it and i dont believe that if my computer tries to run the program from c:/ drive while thinking its on the c:/ drive, that all the registry files will be placed correctly... this is why i didnt mind the virtual method (going from the c:/ drive while it thinks its a dvd k:/ drive).

i was wondering, 1) would extracting the files with RAR or ZIP cause the installation process to try to replace any files that should be permanently be on the dvd (if it were, i wish)? 2) why cant the dvd i burned, be read by the computer i burned it with? i opened with explorer, right clicked the dvd drive and clicked open, and double clicked the drive to open... all three different tries end up with the same results: a blank window, asking me if id like to burn any data to the dvd (dvd is showing up as a blank). There is data on the disc... i can see the data written on the physical disc when im holding it and looking at it.

one other thing is that when i right click the dvd drive and click properties, it shows 'used space (blue) 0 bytes and free space (pink) 0 bytes... what?!

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Since: May 21, 2010

Dec 17, 2011 06:41 pm

it was a bad file so i had to download another.... the iso was tricky anyways though. got it working!

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