trying to freeze midi outputting through reason 5 with sonar x1 producer.

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If I were any cooler I'd freeze.
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I have midi data saved in sonar x1 with the sound coming through reason 5. The problem I'm having is the midi are in separate clips and when i tried freezing or importing the midi into reason the timing is off from the other audio tracks playing in sonar. I tried bouncing the midi tracks to one clip. Could someone please advise me I've searched the forums a bit but couldn't find what i was looking for.


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Oct 27, 2011 04:56 pm

Hmmm, ok so you are rewired into Sonar with Reason 5 correct? Is the timing off as in, not locked into the BPM of Sonar and one is faster than the other or is it just starting in the wrong place?

If I were any cooler I'd freeze.
Since: Nov 08, 2004

Oct 31, 2011 05:20 pm

Yes I am rewired into reason 5. This was a jam session with drums and synths. No metronome was used. There is no midi stored in reason. The synth used in reason was changed a few times throughout the recording however since i recorded all midi in sonar i'm guessing i'm going to have to change this manually somehow.
The midi doesn't start at the beginning of the recording but when it freezes it places the mixdown wav at the very beginning. any thoughts?

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