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Hi everyone,

I am considering to buy the Akai professional MPK88 keyboard controller.
This is the set-up I intend to use: The MPK88 + sounds from East West software on my computer, but instead of recording them with a recording software in my computer, I want o record into my Tascam 2488 neo (external DAW).
Would I connect the Tascam to the computer through the audio interface, or to the MPK88 via midi? the reason for this question is this:
I've heard that MPK88 without the external power supply can not send midi out while it is connected to a computer via USB. I don't understand this problem very well, but I would like to find out (before I buy the MPK88) if this limitation has a bearing on my intended set-up . In other words if I record with the Tascam will I need to do it via the MPK88's midi output? Wouldn't that be a problem since I need to use the sounds from the computer at the same time (via USB cable)?
Sorry if I lack some seemingly obvious notions. I'm trying to learn.
I would appreciate any helpful advice.

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Aug 25, 2011 10:25 am

I am no Midi/controller guru, but my first thought is, why not just use external power then, any USB device I use, if it has external power options, I use it, I have seen more problems with my controller without using the external power, and if you are not using it, you are drawing more power from the power supply in your PC...putting more of a load on it.

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