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I have a latency problem with the sound card built into my mother board. I haven't done any home recording in ages and used to use a different computer that didn't have this problem.

Can anyone recommend a good reasonably price sound card to get me unstuck?

Plus is there anyone out there with experience using ubuntu for home recording? I started using Qtractor, as it is very simple and I like the way you can easily manage audio files, but if anyone has any other suggestions I would welcome some input.

John S

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Aug 02, 2011 04:29 pm

Hi Smeth, and welcome to the forum.

What type of sound card are you looking for, and what kinda PC do you have? If you need a USB or Firewire sound card (aka audio interface) there's a few that might be had for a reasonable price.

A PCI card might be a little cheaper, depending, if you have to go that route.

Another factor that might play into it is what you're recording, and how many inputs you need.

For software under ubuntu, if you haven't already, check out Ardour and Rosegarden. Rosegarden has a built-in notation/score editor, and I think is a little more midi centric than Ardour.

Both are digital audio workstations and I've always heard pretty good things about 'em. I think Ardour is kinda similar to Reaper.

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Aug 02, 2011 04:46 pm

Latency is pretty common with integrated's not usually top of the line stuff.

Do you want inteanrl or external? As J-bot said, there are decent choices for both. Thought he OS may limit your choices a little bit.

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