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I am very new to any sort of midi control, sampling, sequencing...etc. but here is what I want to accomplish. I would like to be able to play guitar, sample parts of it live and then modulate it using some sort of midi controller/seqencer all the while having backing beatz and such. I have a Line 6 TonePort UX2 for converting the guitar to USB and I have a Korg Kaossilator that I would also like to feed to the controller.

I'm wondering what the best controller would be for what I want to do/the best way to acomplish my goal. I like knobs and faders, hands on type stuff. Don't want to have to fully rely on a computer mouse playing live. I will probably have to get a loop foot pedal for the guitar. I liked the layout of the Akai apc40 but it seems like it was a lot more prep work than i'm looking for, or I just don't know my stuff. I know that prep plays a big role but I don't want to stray too far from creating the music in the 'moment.'

SO. Equipment wise, where should I look? also what would be the best way to set things up? THANKS!!!

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Typo Szar
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Jul 29, 2011 12:32 am

If u like knobs n such, I'd say ditch the toneport and go all foot pedals. Ur backbeats can be played off the laptop, if u dont wanna do much with that.

U can use a looper to get ur sampling done, i recmomend the new Boss RC30, or if u wanna go crazy go with the XL edition. And then just get stomps for all the fx u wanna do, whammy pedals, chorus pedals, delay pedals with mod, tons of stuff out there. U can even go with the bigger multieffect type deals for more bang for ur buck. This way u can combine things the way u want and play the way u want, and sometimes even get some surprises, its a much more organic approach if u ask me. Might cost a pretty penny, but the alternative would be to feed ur signal into a laptop and then get a controller of sorts to fiddle with, but it all depends on which one suits wat u wanna do.
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Jul 29, 2011 04:47 am

if you do go for a multieffect pedal, I cannot recommend the boss gt-10 enough! It has a fairly decent looper function on it allowing you to layer parts over the top of each other, and for every new part you record, you can select a different patch using the patch select pedals and it will affect the recorded part. Ive never tried it for the looper, but im pretty sure you will be able to change effect parameters live for the recorded parts as you can do with playing around with the sound straight from the guitar - and the boss gt-10 has knobs for that which you can also assign to any setting of the effect - so you can preset the controls for each patch that you wish to play around with live so they are right there.

ive also got a small, 2 octave controller keyboard (similar to the M-AUDIO OXYGEN 8) and it has about 8 knobs along the top which you can customise to affect different midi parameters, so that might be good. and plus you also have a keyboard for assigning things to as well as a pitchbend wheel. AND they are relatively cheap from about 50 upwards

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