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I'm looking for a home recording set up and wanted some suggestions from more experience persons on this forum.

Currently I've been recording into Garageband on my Macbook through my Alesis USB 320 Studio Monitors, which have a USB connection for recording. However I recently purchased some new equipment and I find that now I am unable to record into Garageband as there is a lot of distortion/ noise when I record through the studio monitors USB. I've tried to adjust the levels of my Roland GR-55 guitar synth and the Digitech GSP 1101 guitar effects processor but it doesn't help.

So basically I'm looking for options for more inputs and outputs for recording. I'm giving below my requirements and would be glad for suggestions.

1. Recording my electric guitar routed through the Roland GR-55, which has two line outputs (left and right).

2. Recording my electric guitar routed through the Digitech GSP 1101 guitar effects processor, which also has two line outputs (left and right)

3. Recording vocals using my Shure SM-58 Mic or my nylon string classical guitar through the mic.

4. Recording my Roland XP-80 keyboard in audio or MIDI (both options would be nice).

I want to record all the instruments in stereo and not mono.

Based on the above I'd be grateful if:

1. You could advise me on how many inputs and outputs would I need?

2. Whether to buy a Firewire/ USB Mixer and record directly into Garageband or buy a good sound card through which I can record?

3. Whether I would need both a mixer and a soundcard or can I manage with either a mixer or a soundcard?

4. Based on the above, which Mixers/ Soundcards would you suggest? I'm ready to spend a little extra provided I get something that is good quality and will last for some time. :)


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Since: Jun 20, 2011

Jun 20, 2011 05:11 am

Sorry forgot to add that I've heard that with a soundcard the laptop/ computer has to be on all the time to utilise it and to get sound whereas with a mixer, I don't need to keep the laptop on all the time.

Is this correct? Because soemtimes I just want to practice and play and not record so I don't put the laptop on.


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