Assigning Effects to Single Sounds in Ableton Live 8

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Dear Anyone.

OK - really STOOOPID noob question coming up - PLEASE don't flame war me because I'm having trouble with basics! You lot were all beginners once...

I've got Ableton Live 8. And my song, consisting of 5 .WAV files. So I import the files into Ableton, so far, so good.

How do I apply an effect, EQ or whatever, to JUST ONE SOUND? I drag the effect into the area down the bottom where it says 'Drop Audio Effects Here'. But if I play ANY of the five tracks, they're ALL coming through the effect. If I change the EQ for one instrument, they ALL change.

Yes I have the manual but I don't know what I'm looking for, so I've probably seen the answer without recognising it. Please, when you've all finished the inevitable laughter - I've tried asking this one on other forums and know what's coming! - can someone explain either how to route one sound through an effect so it's the only sound being affected by it. And also if it's possible to have MORE than one effect going on one .WAV file, so they're unique to that .WAV file?

I can do it in Cubase, but this course is using Ableton Live 8 so I gotta get the hang on it. Didn't expect to be stumped by this, though!

Yours respectfully


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Jun 02, 2011 06:00 am

Nah man, dont worry bout getting grilled and ****, gotta learn somehow mate.

Where exactly are you draggin this effect mate?
Sounds like you might be putting it on the Master channel?

If not, check the routing of the channel youre putting it on.

Should be pretty easy to see where its heading and i would say that's the issue.

I use Cubase 4 so i dont really know Ableton at all.
Check in help under fx routing if you wanna know what to type in there to find it.

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