My mix needs critique.

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Here is a song (mix in progress) of my one-man band Giant Lizard.

I need advice on how can I refine more the sound, expecially the guitar parts.

My goal was:
- rumbling, deep sounding experimental rock music. I use extremely low tuning hence the bass is fretless to avoid string buzzing on frets. Creating a wall of guitars when needed.
- try to sound somewhat natural, well rounded, easy to the ears.
- let the snare hit and the kick drum jump from -24 to 0db for punchy dynamics.
- using a few parametric EQ only, and 1-2 reverb.

I am very happy about the bass sound and the drums. The kick drum is thumping instead of clicking. After 4 days of sculpting with the EQ the guitar sound is now only slightly terrible. The overtone flute is good as is, I will re-record it later with a better mic.

Recording: bass and guitars plugged in directly into the line-in of a SB Live! sound card, using CoolEdit Pro 2.1
Overtone flute recorded using a 2$ cheap headphone mic used for Skyping.
Drums: hand programmed using EZ-Drummer Vintage Kit in FL Studio 6.
Mixing: FL Studio 6.

About my gear, 100$ Westone Telecaster, cheap Thomson 5 string bass (de-fretted by me), 15$ old Digitech distortion. Mixing eq: a pair very old Philips loudspeakers found on a garbage dump, and an 1972 Unitra Diora 5W mosfet tuner-amplifier. I have an old 2.6 GHz PC with 1 GB RAM, WinXP.

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