Anyone use/used CD Duplicators?

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Does anyone use or have experience using CD duplicators? I found one on craigslists - a Rimage 2000i - for a great price and in great condition but the reviews are all over the place.

Anyone have any insight on this or any others? Figure your use would be similar to mine.

I am looking for the robotic arm ones that can do upwards of 100 disks at a time, not the tray type that only do 10 at a time.

I was getting ready to fork over $500 or so on a short run for a recent project and then came accross this and thought - why not just use the $500 and buy one? Most of my clients would love the ability to cheaply (but nicely) print up 25 - 50 CDs each time they have a show, couple hundered promo copies of projects, etc. Thought it would be a good investment for the studio but thought I would check with others first.


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May 13, 2011 10:09 am

Rimage is a leader in duplication equipment, I can't say much about that specific model, but the company I can, they are about 15 miles from me, I was a stock owner for a few years, did well, and followed them and they are a reputable, first class operation in terms of technology and quality.

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