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Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong area, and also for the long message... Need help though.

I'm having an issue where I'm recording into Acid. Example of my issue in it's simplest form. Here we go. Recording (arm IN) into Acid an instrumental. Once I'm done, the track is there. No problem. Now I want to play the track outloud, I set it to arm OUT. No problem. While it's playing out. I wan't to lay out an accapella over what's being played out. So I set my new track to record IN, (over the instrumental). When I hit record, the new track that's supposed to only be recording the accapella is also recording the instrumental but the instrumental is a little lower while the accapella sounds fine. I'm trying to figure out while the other track is bleeding into my new track. I need nothing to be recorded but the track that's coming IN.

I'm using a Yamaha Audiogram 3 Interface. The OUT of the interface is going into my mixers Line in 8 (that gives me the volume control, along with the interface’s volume control). The Line IN is going to my mixers RECORD OUT. All my drivers are ASIO. Control Panel has everything set to Yamaha USB Interface. The Playback Device, The Recording Device, is all set to the Yamaha.

My PC is what is running the software. I use Serato and my HC4500 to play all my tracks into the pc via my mac laptop with the interface being the go between. Any ideas?

Broken down. Yamaha OUTPUT goes into my mixers LINE IN input. So when I want to play out what I recorded into my PC, I raise my LINE Ins volume. Yamaha INPUT goes into my mixers RECORD OUT. That lets me adjust the volume of the recording. All drivers are ASIO and ACID Preferences show them being used. One thing I do see in this screen, the very first line is says “Microsoft Mapper” grayed out while everything below it says Yamaha ASIO. Not sure why that is. My control panel is set for everything to use the Yamaha interface. In and out.. Recording too. Not sure what I’m missing. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled everything, drivers and software. Read the manuals..

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