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I was wondering if anyone could recommend a drum machine I can write my beats from scratch on, and then download the individual drum / cymbal patterns to their own track on Logic 8.

I do not want to use a software drum program because I work best on an external drum machine, and do not like looking at the computer screen while composing.

I was using a Dr. 670 until it broke down (I like the sounds it gave), but couldn't figure out how to assign all my hard work to various tracks for better mix down...

Please Help - Thanks

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bace135 in the house tonight!
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May 06, 2011 03:04 pm

hmm, I think most people here are either working on software drums or real drums... I don't think there are too many people using drum machines. Maybe someone will pitch in though? Jbot?

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May 06, 2011 05:26 pm

Sorry guys, my knowledge in that area is also kinda limited. You would think there would be a way to route the outputs into the DAW somehow though. The only pad I have is the Korg padKontrol, which is strictly a midi controller that I use from time to time with the software drum kits I have.

I'm guessing the DR 670 is from Boss right? I know they have an 880 model, but I don't know how sophisticated it is.

I'll do some digging and look up some product info/reviews and respond back if I find something that might work.

Also, what's your budget looking like?

on routing sounds to the daw, using the aux outs on the back of the machine might do the trick. I think I read something about being able to separate some of the sounds onto those outputs. I don't think you'll be able to completely separate each sound, but you should be able to get some sounds onto different tracks at least.

It also sounds like the Alesis SR16 and SR18 might be viable options. I'll try to do some more reading when I have time. This is just from skimming around and reading a review or two.

Another Edit:
It sounds like the Alesis drum machines actually let you assign certain drums to the outputs on the back. I think you can do the same with the Boss drum machines as well. Supposedly you can separate the bass and snare on the boss using the other outputs, and throw toms/cymbals onto a stereo output...something like that anyway.

Also, here's a review I found on the DR 880 that was pretty informative. www.tonylongmusic.co.uk/d...0-drum-machine/

And for the Alesis, I found a nice post on the SR 18 on setting drums to outputs over on the gearslutz forum.

Hope that helps!

bace135 in the house tonight!
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May 06, 2011 08:30 pm

Sorry Jbot, I didn't mean to put you on the spot and have you digging all over the place> I thought I remembered you using a drum machine before, but I guess I was mistaken...

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May 06, 2011 09:48 pm

Lol, I didn't dig around all over the place. Just did some quick searches for specific information. Didn't take me too long to find stuff. I guess I have a knack for digging up info on google. And it's still good to have some info for other folks too if they need it.

Anyway, just have my midi drumpad. I DO have the little Korg Kaossilator, which does have some drum loops/grooves in it, and some possibility to create short loops. But it's no drum machine hehe.

(still a fun little instrument though!)

Uh, at least one more time . . .
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May 07, 2011 01:34 pm

I've used the SR-16 extensively, and you can indeed send out four discrete channels. I've used it to put drums in in real-time (hitting the pads), and I've also programmed it. You will still need to do some finagling to get more than four tracks in that are separate--I've changed the panning, and let the stuff already recorded act as a guide for the new tracks, but usually I use the four tracks and add cymbals and other stuff manually. (Cymbal sounds aren't all that convincing on the SR-16.) No matter what, the programmed or live sounds go in in real-time. I'll simply line up new cymbal events with the SR-16's cymbals and then eliminate or mute the SR-16's cymbals. Also, I use the SR-16 when we practice new songs, and when our drummer's not around--which is often!

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May 08, 2011 05:40 am

hello J Mark

recommending is not really the right word, cause i hate drum programming - any drum machine s...s

to programm i have to structure my work and ideas and get the
concept clear, which makes it hard work for me ;-)

I got the DR 880 and after a few weeks of understanding the
machine and user interface is really easy and convenient to
use now.

the sounds are available on 4 separate outputs in one time, which makes it simple to record snare, kick, cymbals and toms on different tracks for better mixing opportunities.

the midi function is fine as well, adding cymbals or toms works OK.

The onboard bass is soso and for reaheasal and practising with
guitar acceptable.

Each instrument has a pad on the front and there are hundreds of sounds to choose from. assembling your own kit makes it really sound professionell.

i used it with nearly all my songs.

take care!

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