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ok all. i'm getting a little tired with this, but will not quit until i succeed. i'm very new to the whole home recording process and need some help.

i am using acid music studio 8 and trying to lay a midi track. the problem i am facing is that when i connect my drums to acid (via m-audio midisport uno) and add the vst (ezdrummer) to the track the drums aren't playing correct. when i hit a snare shot it comes out as a cymbal and my kick comes out as my snare. :-/

how can i go in and change these settings? i can't find the option through acid but through ezdrummer solo i changed the controller to edrums and it works fine (except for a minor delay)...

any help would be great. i'm ready to record!


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Apr 24, 2011 09:18 am

You may need to setup ACID to receive/transmit general MIDI for drums. That is what EZdrummer and Superior Drummer are ready to accept as well as many other VST's. I don't use ACID but rather Digital Performer and there is a "preference" setting to do this there. May also check the manuals of both.

What do you mean by, "When i connect my drums"? Are you playing pads or a real kit with mics?

EZDrummer is MIDI based and not really set up easily for a Keyed drum kit.
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Apr 24, 2011 11:18 am

you have to re-assign the kit pieces.
Read the Ezdrummer manual.

Can also do it in cubase on the drum map.

Open up the GM drum midi map,
hit a kit piece and see what it comes out as, eg: if its a cymbal then find that cymbal in the kit pieces listing and change it for a snare and so on.

You'll have to change the drum map to the GM drum map though in you midi track window before you do anything or the kit bits wont be there, it'll be piano keys.

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