Just got a great deal on a 4pc '66 Slingerland kit

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At $400...I'm still looking for a catch...sounds great! The guy claims ti to be a '66 but the serial corresponds more closely to a kit released in the 70's; I'm still figuring that out but it sounds good, who cares! I'm going to mic it up next weekend.


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Hold 'Em Czar
Since: Dec 30, 2004

Mar 26, 2011 01:01 am

my parents own a small music store, and my dad specializes in drums...he collects high-end stuff, and i can tell you that is a STEAL or a SCAM....500 bucks gets you into most manufactures entry level kits. is this just the drums (no hardware or cymbals)? do ya know what model? sizes? heads? i can see it's not a super expensive kit but if ya knew what kinda wood it was that'll help. kick pedal?

if anything you can flip that mofo if you can get it sounding REAL nice...and sell it in person to the right person

Typo Szar
Since: Jul 04, 2002

Mar 26, 2011 12:18 pm

looks sexy, and at 400 bucks, sexier, but yeah its very hard to tell about these things. but if it sounds right, who cares eh?

Since: Nov 11, 2007

Mar 26, 2011 12:24 pm

Yeah it was kind of a too good to be true thing. The low price was in part because the owner misquoted a price before he called his friend that helps him value the drums. Apparently they were on sale via his friend for $750 originally but since he said $400. he stuck with $400. I was skeptical but the drums sounded good, and for $400..."good" or "decent" drums is what I expect, so I went to the ATM and took 'em home. These measurements are approximate, I'm measuring around the heads.

Kick: 14"x21"
Floor tom: 16"x15"
Tom1: 9"x13"
Tom2: 8"x12"

The kit came with shells and heads, no hardware other than the tom tree that sticks out of the bass drum. No cymbals either. Not sure on the model.

I've been trying to date the thing with this website: www.vintagedrumguide.com/drcjw/articles.html

I'll attach some crappy camera phone pictures, don't have a better camera.


Badge number is 366999. According to the Slingerland website I referenced, this puts the production date somewhere in the 70's or 80's...but this finish was only around between '64-'78 according to the website.


According to the drum shells section of the slingerland website, it looks more like the 3 ply maple-poplar-mahogany than anything else. This photo makes it look a little wonky, but it's definitely 3 ply with a really thin dark thing on the outside. I guess that could be a 4th player of wood but I read on that website that their 3 ply drums also have reinforcement rings. I'm assuming that's what it is.


I don't know if this is stamp is relevant. Wouldn't be hard to fake that one.

I guess I'm a little interested in what it may be worth, but I just had the best jam of my life on this kit last night. So good, the neighbors came over and told me to stop. Might be a good thing to hang onto and trade up/sell down the line? If it's authentic that is.

What do you think?

Hold 'Em Czar
Since: Dec 30, 2004

Mar 27, 2011 01:13 am

as for how old it is, i don't think it matters all that much...what's gonna get you more $$ outta it is the name (i donno if slingerland is still makin' drums or not), and the condition...and the finish is "painted" on or lacquered? not a wrap?

ideally you can two ways with this kit...throw new heads on it and get it tuned up proper and sounding nice and keep it...OR (and this is what i'd do) is clean it up SUPER NICE, new heads, tuned polished etc. and sell it to some baby-boomer that'll get nostalgic over it cuz he had the same kit as a teenager, you might be able to get close to $1k IF the guy has serious money to blow and falls head over heels in love with it...

i personally think a mid-grade "modern" kit with better hardware and shells would out perform this kit....but like i said, it's a slingerland! and to some ppl out there, the name is what they want, not the sound.

Since: Nov 11, 2007

Mar 28, 2011 02:11 pm

There is definitely a wrap on all these drums. I thought that was stock for some reason. That probably affects the value a lot! Still think I could sell it for $800-1k? I would not be opposed to selling this at a profit to snag a DW performance series kit...not at all. Still, the sound is really great as is. Definitely better than most of the kits that bands bring in.


Hold 'Em Czar
Since: Dec 30, 2004

Mar 29, 2011 01:09 am

i guess it really comes down to how much time/money you wanna put into it....in order of importance, i'd put new heads and tune it well, take it completely apart and clean everything first....from there you can choose to add/replace hardware (ya gotta decide if you wanna go with authentic slingerland luggs and what not, OR you can go with better quality parts that fit)....next i'd throw a mid-grade kick pedal with it...i donno, you can go on and on...prolly end up fallin' in love with it and keepin' it. haha black hardware would look nice on it...match the hoops.

Since: Nov 08, 2010

Mar 29, 2011 07:58 am

I'm all about the bargain. You nice a nice kit at a nice price. Play em like you stole em!

Since: Nov 11, 2007

Mar 29, 2011 02:16 pm

Yep I put new remo pinstripes on it the day of purchase and tuned it up, also used some 0000 steel wool to polish all the hardware. Lookin' good, sounding great. I bought the kit to be a player, and flipping it to make some cash only makes sense if I could get enough to put the DW performance kit within reach. If I can't, no big deal. No regrets here! Looking forward to recording it the weekend after next.

You're right about black hardware...that would look pretty cool. I may have to do that sometime.

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