Punk/Hardcore Mix Critique? FFO Strike Anywhere/A Wilhlem Scream

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Just did some mix revisions as my friends band is about to get this mastered. Between the original mixes and these the main thing that was changed were the drums were brought up so that they were really hitting. They sounded weak in the original mixes.



Some of the performances are a bit off in parts... mainly due to their drummer only having an hour to record the 4 songs, so he literally came in and just knocked out 3 takes of each and we went with the best one. Everything else was overdubbed.

Thanks in advance!

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Since: Aug 05, 2004

Mar 20, 2011 09:56 pm

just did a few slight changes at the recommendation of a friend... one new mix here:


-Brought the two guitar masters down 1.5dB each
-Boosted the bass about 2.25dB between 75 and 120hz with an oxford eq plug and then adjusted its overall volume up .2dB as I felt it still wasn't coming through well enough
-Added a tiny bit more reverb to my snare master... it sounded too dry
-Boosted above 10k on both the floor and rack toms with some oxford eq's (by a fairly significant amount... ~8dB) and then brought them down 1.5dB overall to compensate for the added high end boost. They were sounding quite dark in the previous mix and needed to be brightened up a bit.

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