Behringer Uca202 Guitar setup question?

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I wanted to know if with the uca202 I can plug my guitar into a guitar amp, route a cable from the guitar amps headphone jack into the (stereo?mono?) input of the uca202, and be able to record what I play on the guitar on the computer? I don't own a mixer so I wanted to know if this setup would work.

Thank you for your help

*Edit: I have no idea if it's stereo or not, I just know it has left and right, could easily be mono.

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Marijuana Czar
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Jan 07, 2011 10:49 pm

you could do that, but would you want to?
the ideal way to record guitar is with a mic and a preamp
mic near amp, mic into the preamp, preamp into pc or hard disk recorder whatever.
and its usually done in mono, unless stereo effects are present on the guitar.
(btw, headphone/output of amp wont be in stereo i dont think, pretty sure thats a recording technique acheived with 2 mics)
you could do all this^ if you had a preamp, youre half way there with the UCA202, but id say spend $50 on a cheap mixer/pre
you will be much happier with the results than doing it the way you were going to.
but, if money is an issue, then get a (idk what its called) big to small connector, and plug the output cable of the amp
into the connector, and then plug the end of the connector into one of the UCA202's inserts.

Prince CZAR-ming
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Jan 10, 2011 11:05 am

I think you can do it this way, but don't turn up the headphone output much.

The inputs on the UCA are expecting LINE level signal, kinda like plugging from a CD Player to a receiver in a home stereo setup. The headphone output can be more than this, so be sure not to boost up the signal much on the headphone output.

The amp headphone will probably be a stereo jack, but I'm gonna guess that the two sides (L & R) are both the same thing. The signal coming from the amp will be (probably) mono, unless there's some sort of stereo effects in the amp. It shouldn't be a problem plugging a cable from the headphone output to one of the UCA inputs. It'll only be one side, but both sides are probably the same, so no big deal.

The 2 inputs on the UCA are both mono. RCA are always MONO. I don't think I've ever seen a stereo RCA jack, that's why there's always two of them together when plugging PS2 -> TV.

I get where Pipedream is going with the quality aspect of this setup, but for just getting your stuff down, you can do it this way. Plus, you can put a modeling amp software (or VSTi) on the signal and make it whatever you want. FreeAmp2 and 3 come to mind right away.

Just be sure not to overdrive the input on the UCA, or you may cause damage.

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