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Happy Holidays & New Year!

I am reaching out because we are considering incorporating many more DAW's into Gobbler & are currently looking for project files to test with the software. If you have have the following project files & associated folders send them to me at [email]Andrew@mediagobbler.com[/email]

-Nuendo (Vers.4,5)
-Reason (4,5)
-Sonar (7,8)
-Acid Pro (6,7)
-Audition (2,3,4)
-FL Studio (7,8,9)
-Digital Performer (6,7)
-SAW Studio (3,4)
-Project5 (1,2)

These projects don't have to be complex or anything special at all. I just need project files to test with the software! Thanks & check out the info below!


While many aspects of the recording process have gone digital: Managing, securing and sharing recorded audio is still very inefficient & cumbersome in process. At Gobbler, we think about the way people catalog, vault, carry and share their recorded audio; easily, quickly, securely and from anywhere. Generic cloud services for backup and file transfer are widely used, but nothing caters to music industry professionals like Gobbler. People who record regularly have experienced the loss of work due to improper backup or technical malfunction, the inefficiency of current transfer services for big project files, and failure to properly plan for the long-term organization of their work -- Gobbler is built to serve these creative minds.

Our attention is on professional size data creation and management as our product integrates seamlessly into the recording process in order to revolutionize & optimize the way you backup, organize and create your recordings. Gobbler is compatible with most major DAW software and file types (Ableton, ProTools, Logic, Cubase, Reaper, GarageBand), creating a full-circle private and public music management and sharing system for anyone who makes music!

The beta is free and open at www.getgobbler.com

You can a quick overview here: www.getgobbler.com/tour

Reach out to me with any questions to [email]andrew@mediagobbler.com[/email] !!!!

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