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I would like any opinions or comments about my PC's suitability for recording in my home studio.

Reading 'recommended requirements' from software manufacturers is one thing but actual real-world experience count for a lot more in my book :-)

I have:

Intel E2140 1.6Ghz Processor

(see ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id...kw=%28e2140%29 )

Intel DG965RY Motherboard
1x 750Gb HDD (Sata 7200)
1x 80Gb HDD (Sata 7200)
1x CD/DVD Rewriter/burner
Windows XP Pro (SP3) 32 bit

I will be starting with Sonar Home Studio 7 XL but would be looking to upgrade perhaps to a full-blown package. I may also look at 'Reaper' and Cubase LE.

Would this spec be usable for recording in the real world?

How likely am I to experience problems and/or latency etc?

I am likely to record one track at a time, though some tracks are stereo tracks. I may record both keyboard and vocals at the same time sometimes (so max 4 channels).

However, some songs may contain 16-24 tracks, so although I won't be recording lots of tracks at the same time, there might be several tracks playing whilst I am recording. Is my PC going to be able to cope with this?

As yet I do not have an audio interface. I am considering Firewire (with preamps) or PCI/PCIe.

However, the interface would need to support MIDI (In/Out) and have at least 2 inputs (4 preferred) - any recommendations for this?

My intention is to use MIDI along with a controller for percussion and some synth tracks.

The other factor is that my budget is limited so I couldn't, for example, go out and buy a new PC etc. That is unlikely to change too. I'm looking to pay around 350 GBP max for a firewire interface or soundcard.

My alternative is to record on a Yamaha AW4416 - old but has 16 tracks @ 24-bit and mix automation, which is something I want.

Many thanks,

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Dec 20, 2010 07:24 am

How big is the processor on the computer? WIth the 32bit OS, I would put a couple more gig of RAM in and you should be good, but no more than 4gb on a 32bit OS.

It sounds like you should be good to go with that. Also, you can never have too much HD space. Just don't put all your eggs in one basket. :)

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