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For better or worse, []weeds dvd[/url] has been in a constant state of flux ever since the writers uprooted nacy town and family from their all-is-not-as-sunny-it-seems hometown of Agrestic at the end of season3. []Curb Your Enthusiasm dvd[/url]Whereas the show once stood as both a scathing satire of suburban life and a look at a widow's foray into the drug trade, following Season 3 the series abandoned the former quality and instead chose to amplify the black comedy aspects of the latter. []Ghost Whisperer dvd[/url] Mary-Louise Parker's performance as Nancy has been the show's main steadying presence since then, and that remained the case with the season premiere, as the show continues to search for a new status quo as fruitful as those of the first two seasons. []Family Guy dvd[/url] This time, it appears like we're in for a good ol' road story. With the show's stellar first two seasons in the distant past, Weedshas become a very different type of show than the one that debuted in 2005. And while there's still plenty of entertainment to be had watching Nancy try to keep her family together and out of jail, []Desperate Housewives dvd[/url] I fear this fugitive road angle needs to hit the ground running sooner rather than later in order to convince me its not just another futile attempt by the writers to recapture the show's original magic.

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Dec 18, 2010 03:06 pm

I've been saying this for years.

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