nuendo 3 in mac bootcamp, noise in playback

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I am new here, asking for help as I myself cannot solve the problem.

Recently my Windows XP (NTFS file system)-based DAW (Lenovo laptop) got hardware-crashed. I worked basically with Nuendo 3 there. Since then I am using Nuendo 3 on my Mac using bootcamp Windows (FAT 32 file system), and retrieving data/files from the HDD of the Lenovo laptop. I find occasional noise in playback in this set up. What can be the cause of the noise. I tried to copy the folder to the HDD of the Mac-based Windows and worked from there, still the noise comes back now and then. I use RME fireface 400 with the system.

Need your help and suggestions urgently.

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Hold 'Em Czar
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Dec 12, 2010 10:23 pm

Welcome to HRC!!

i'm not at all familiar with Nuendo and the last time i used a mac, it was called a Macintosh (1993ish) so i'm prolly not the best one to field this question....but i'll give ya what i can.

i'm guessing your laptops hard drive speed is where you're data is bottle-necking because most laptops hard drive speeds are a bit lower than desktops and whatnot....

try increasing the audio buffers (latency) within nuendo (and perhaps your interface, but try nuendo first)... the lag might be noticeable when tweaking p

lugins but it should help. don't forget to turn it back down when tracking and you should be ok.

hope that helps

oh, another option, is a faster hard-drive.



Since: Dec 12, 2010

Dec 16, 2010 04:17 am


Thanks for your suggestions. I tried increasing output latency in the Nuendo side (48 ms), and also at the RME control panel (Highest). Playback quality increased, but while playing a number of tracks, noise comes back considerably. Is there any other way to increase latency and/or playback performance?



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