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i am trying to use a phatboy with a midiman in cubase 5. i run like this....pcr edirol midiout..into phatboy midi in.from phatoby midi out..into midiman...usb out to PC.
Running cubase 5 essentials.

Cant get anything to talk. If i plug the edirol straight in to the pc ucing the usb its no problem but i bought the phatboy to give extra control so want to use it.

Is there any way on gods great earth that what i am trying to do is possible. edirol to pc..running cubase. I use vst instruments and have an outboard supernova rack. No joy with this setup, please help!! Im bald so i'm thinking of pulling the neighbours hair out instead!

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Since: Dec 05, 2010

Dec 05, 2010 12:03 pm

also i've tried the various modes on the phatboy of which there are 6, and no joy. I'm thinking of just selling the phatboy if i cant get it working with my setup so any offers from 60 up? Lol, nah really want this to work. As i'm producing dance, electro music control = power! grrr!!

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