Guitar amp + Fast track Pro + Macbook = ??

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Very confused!! I'm a noob, I got this fast track and I can't figure out how to get everything connected. I just to know what needs to be plugged in where. I'm using an amp that has 3 ways to connect out.
One says, "Headphone/Direct/Recording Output". The other two say "Send" and "Receive". Now, which of these do I need to plug into my Fast track & where on my fast track if I want to record onto my macbook. And where should I go from there to get my stuff setup? I'm just trying to connect my amp to my fast track to my macbook so I can record onto my garage band. Thanks for any help.

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Jul 09, 2010 03:32 pm

you would go direct out to the fast track. Send and receive is for things like effects and loops.

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Jul 09, 2010 03:38 pm

Hey Fhey, welcome to the HRC, and to you too, black bear7

First, I'd say connect the FTP to the MAC via USB (i'd assume), and see that GB can see the device, and it's inputs.

Next, I'd connect from the AMP Direct output, to a LINE input on the FTP. The Direct Out should be putting out somewhere close to LINE level, so the LINE input on the FTP is correct.

Adjust the gain so you're not clipping or overdriving anything, and hopefully you should see signal coming into a track in GB. I'd say you need to create a track to receive the signal, arm it for writing, and possibly turn on monitoring, so you can hear what you're playing, in conjunction with what is being played back.

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