Recording issue UB802 to Delta 44 to computer with amplitube and Mixcraft

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I am newbie to recording and I try to setup my home studio.
Here is my actual setup:
guitar, bass --> input 1 of UB802
UB802 Main OUT L & R --> input 1 and 2 of Delta 44
Tape out --> sound system.
I can hear the sound fine from both headphones and Tape out but only what I am playing of course.

I can record in Mixcraft no prob but I hear only le clean guitar sound when I play and not the amplitube and get no playback from computer possibility this way.
I tried to use the output 1 and 2 from Delta 44 to send back the signal to the mixer but gets horrible whistling feedback through both headphones and tape out.

Any way I could listen through the mixer to what the computer is sending back.


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Prince CZAR-ming
Since: Apr 08, 2004

May 15, 2010 11:08 am

Hello Vin, welcome to the HRC.

I was hoping the manual would have a block diagram, but alas, it does not.

I think, that sending the output 1 & 2 of delta44 to TAPE INPUTS L & R, then do NOT depress tape to mix, but DO depress the tape to ctrl room.

Hopefully, this will bring the two signals into the mixer (stereo return) but NOT send the stereo feed back into the MAINS output, which is what you're getting now. Instead, the mixer sends the stereo return feed ONLY to the CTRL ROOM / PHONES.

Then you control levels with CTRL ROOM dial.

I'm thinking, just on my own here, that I may try the outputs reversed: connect from TAPE OUT to the DELTA inputs 1 & 2, then connect my monitoring solution to the MAINS out. I'm not sure it would work this way, as I can't see the block diagram, but it seems that you're using the TAPE OUT/IN as your PC connection, so you can think of it as the same thing PC = TAPE.

This way, you can control your monitor volume with the MAINS fader, and still control the headphones volume with the CTRL ROOM dial. One think I may see as catching, is that you may not hear the playback in the monitors WHEN YOU'RE TRACKING, if the TAPE IN doesn't get routed to MAINS. I think you would have to reverse the two switches (TAPE TO MIX / TAPE TO CTRL ROOM) depending on what you're doing. I think that when tracking, only the headphones will hear the playback, which may be fine. Then when you want to just listen to the playback, after you've tracked, reverse the TAPE TO buttons, so you can hear the playback in the mains (monitors).

Actually, it may not matter, if you're using the TAPE OUTS as PC feeds, the signal coming back may never get sent back into the TAPE OUTS, but I'm not sure. It might. Seems that little behry had some funny circuitry that the bigger ones didn't have. dunno.

I hope that helps, it's kinda hard getting this sorted without seeing one, or having the block diagram.

Since: Jul 02, 2003

May 15, 2010 03:09 pm

I don't think that mixer is very well suited to what you want to do. You really need a mixer that has either direct outs for the channels to the Delta Inputs or sub busses.

You may be able to route the Delta's 1/2 outputs to the TapeIn, and use the Effects Sends as your input for the Delta44 as long as you can keep the signal from being routed to the Main Outs. Route the Mixers Main Out to your sound system. If you don't have a Stereo->2 Mono Plugs cable for the Delta inputs you can just push a mono cable 1/2 way in and it should work.


Uh, at least one more time . . .
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May 15, 2010 09:28 pm

I believe you're right, Pjk--your suggestion sounds like what I have (or had, though my upgrade is quite similar as far as monitoring goes). The tape to Control room button needs to be down, and the Tape to Mix button definitely needs to be up (disengaged). The bigger Behringer mixers have a slightly different set-up, but the basic principle (as well as the buttons) is the same.

That "whistling feedback" sounds to me like the "Tape to Mix" button is down, vinlandr. Set it up like Pjk says. As far as Amplitube goes, if you're sending the signal into it, and it shows up in the recording software, you should hear that signal back at you through the monitoring chain--the signal, processed, coming back to the Tape in RCA's . . . which means olddog is right--the 802 won't let you "shut off" the unprocessed guitar signal that goes to the monitor chain, where it mixes with the latency-addled Amplitube signal. So, you need to stop the two signals from mixing. You could try ganging two 802's together (or simply a 502)--use one for only guitar input, the other to monitor with. (The first sends signal In, the second takes signal Out; plug the headphones into that one.) I think I've actually done this; I used to have a 1202 and an 802 ganged together, but I rarely used internal computer-based processors like Amplitube. Try it, if you can get your hands on another UB series (or any mixer, for that matter) unit. Otherwise, you will be stuck using only outboard sound-processing. The fix is cheap, relatively speaking. Let us know if this works, or is helpful.

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