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(friends band)

These are basically my first full recordings..

the first was Pick up your teeth, with a mic'd kick and micd guitar cab - Please comment on the sound though, it was double mic'd (sm47 and pencil OH)

noticed that my equipment and skill made it sound shitty..

so the next songs i used guitar rig and my electric kick drum to trigger ezdrummer... (downside is that OH's picked up the clacking on the pad)

and im a drummer, and i think the drums sound terrible, but i am mixing down to stereo before my computer so theres not much i can do...

also if your into web design, they wanted me to do there myspace in a few days which i only had 5 hours to spare, so comment on there myspace if youd like!

the only recording iv done before this was my bands intro (were pop punk/rock * to btw.. il post that to my music in a bit!

Edit* it wont let me post for some reason i get an error oh well!

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May 15, 2010 09:46 pm

im not trying to get views for them! im actually asking for opinions and feedback on what i need to improve on most, and where to work on more etc

ahah anyone!?

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May 16, 2010 02:38 pm

Pretty rough man,

The guitar is incredibly thin and verby, I don't know if it's crazy out of phase or if there is way too much of the room mic in the mix but there is no meat to them. Also, they are too quiet. If you have not, make them go back in and double track the guitars.

Vox, just way too raw sounding. They need more compression and a little delay for the screamers. And nothing will sound better than having him dbl his vocals on screaming parts, and even doing quad vocals during choruses and to emphasize words/phrases in parts. Four makes it sound like a demon screaming.

The drums.. Kick definitely needs to be big and boomy with some click to it for the metal (will be curious to see what the ezdrummer sounds like). Snare could use more high end snap to cut through as well imo. The cymbals could use a little high end but are at least audible.

What you do with that stereo drum mix is insert it into three seperate tracks. Then take one and roll off the mids and lows then eq a little sizzle up higher, use this to control overall high end kit volume.

Do one track geared towards mid/high range by rolling off both highs and lows and tweaking that to get more crack to the toms, snare, etc...

Then of course, create one for low end by rolling off all the mids/highs. EQ this one to remove mud and carboard tone from the lows and to add some punch/boom.

There is no set pattern saying what freq to roll things off at, I was just throwing out random numbers (just fyi). It all depends on the mics/drums etc... In theory I would say if you roll off everything below 6k on the high end track then roll off everything above that on your mid/high track.

It is not perfect but... I used a vid camera recording and was able to create a much better sounding track using this technique.

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May 16, 2010 08:05 pm

thanks! and the ezdrummer was used on the other 2 songs on there myspace...(just for the kick)

and il definitely try that technique out! iv never read about doing that..so thank you!

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May 18, 2010 05:24 pm

In my experience, you don't necessarily need to double track screaming vox (given this particular vocalists technique). HEAVY compression is what I suggest for making screams more impactful. When you compress stuff you'll notice that the wave forms get closer and closer to rectangles the harder you hit a piece of audio with compression. Considering most screaming vocals are rhythm oriented vs melody oriented, you'll typically want them to...in metalcore jargon...kick you in the nuts during sweet breakdowns. Essentially if you want the vocal to hit with the same ferocity as your guitars and double kick, you probably just want a big, scream on/off waveform. Compressing something to death not only gives you that impact, but it also serves as an effect on screaming vocals. Dragonlike even.

I'm about to get to recording a delta blues inspired heavy metal project that I'm going to scream on. I'll post my compression settings when I'm done.

Not bad for a a first stab at multitrack recording!!! Keep it up!

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May 18, 2010 11:04 pm

thanks appreciate itt

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