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my band is doin some sampling in our demo, and were lookin for a large crowd chant sample, like chanting hey or yeah or something along those lines..but at the intensity of like..a army in the distance, ie lord of the rings or some crap lol..if anyone knows where i can find some or anyone has any samples off hand please send em to me!! or tell me where i can get some.. = meh email
thanks in advance

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Mar 22, 2010 01:49 am

Free samples, no idea. I know my EWQL Goliath has a few "chants" samples of lots of men going "OH!!!!" or "AHH!!!" very lord of the rings ish. And EWQL's voices of passion would have TONS of chants. But of course the $200 on sale price you can get these programs at is pretty steep for a one shot sample, which is what it sounds like you need. Search around on the internet. You might find something. All else fails, get a group of 20 friends together, set up a condenser mic outside on a calm, sunny (low windspeed) day. And get em to somehow go along with your chant idea lol. get as many takes as you can force them into, try messing with the files as best as you can. Definitely add a TON of "cavernous" style reverb. It isn't going to sound spectacular done yourself, but it might get the job done and affect the demo nicely.

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