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Hi guys,

I just got my Alesis DM10 pro kit in today. It is some what new, and I am using it to trigger drum sounds inside Toon Track's Superior Drummer 2.0 for my drum tracking. I am having an issue with it I have not had before.

My only issue right now is with the hi-hat pedal. Before I got the DM10, I was using a Yamaha DXT setup, and the hi-hat pedal worked fine for the open and close midi signals. The DM10 kit, I am not so lucky.

I am using Acid Pro 7 for my DAWS, and I insert a midi to record the drums. All the hi hat sounds are working fine. When your foot is off the pedal, I get an open sound, when you press it down a little, you get a hi hat splash sound, and if you are hitting an open hat and then press your foot down, it goes from an open sound to a close. Everything is fine, until you press the pedal down and leave it pressed for the closed sound. It doesn't keep the closed sound going.


I am playing an open hat, and then I press the pedal down while keep hitting the hat trigger. The closed sound happens ONE time from when you press the pedal down, but then goes back to the open hit sound on the next hit. Its as if it doesn't register the pedal being pressed down and left down. I see an envelope on the midi track where the pedal goes up and down. It marks it all on the midi track, but it doesn't register the closed hi hat sound when the pedal is pressed down.

I've tried holding the pedal down and hitting the learn button when hitting the hats and everything. The Toon track program isn't registering the fact that the pedal is held down. I calibrated the module correctly and everything, as the module sound has a closed hat when the pedal is held down.

Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening and what I should do to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

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Feb 23, 2010 12:18 am

i wanna say that your module is sending the same midi note when the hats closed as when its open.. but you said you have it all set up so im not sure, but the first thing id do, is try changing the midi note(for my e-kit, i just have to go through the pre sets and i think for ezdrummer, i ended up using my modules dance kit to get the right midi notes sending, but thats ok because i was triggering the ezdrummer sounds!)

ah im bad at explaining, basically i think that your module sends a midi note (for example lets use c4) "C4" when the hat is closed and when its open, therefor because SD2 is set up to play open hi hat when the midi note "C4" comes in, you here taht sound even if the pedal is pressed!

so yea if you can change the midi notes being sent from your module you should be set to go!

good luck, hope i helped

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Feb 23, 2010 05:31 am

Thanks Sirhc.

I know all about the midi notes and how it sends to the program. You're post got me thinking though, so all in all thanks! Haha

I think what I over looked doing was the most simple thing. Like I stated above, if you press the pedal down it ONE time gives the closed hate sound. Here is what I think I did wrong (won't know for sure until after the crapppy work day is over).

I THINK this how I did this, witch would be wrong and I would now understand why this was doing it this way. What I think I did was, I picked the closed sound on SD 2.0, hit the learn butt, then press the pedal down and hit the hats.

Only problem with that is, when you press the pedal down AFTER you hit the 'learn' button in SD 2.0 it assigns the pedal being pressed to that note. I think if I press and hold the pedal down FIRST, then hit the learn button and wack the hat trigger, it'll clear the problem.

I wanna say I already did this and did it right at least ONE time last night. But I had 2 drummer friends over and boxes and everything everywhere from un-packing the kit and I don't think I was thinking everything through. Typical arr-tard move haha.

I hope this is what was causing it. You're post got me thinking about this, so, thanks!

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Feb 23, 2010 05:02 pm

hhaha glad i could help... but yes that sounds like an easy mistake to be made!

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Feb 23, 2010 10:42 pm

Yea, thanks Sirhc. Apparently I DID do it right, and it still didn't work. But I found out what the issue was.

It appears the DM10 has 2 hi hat pedal setups. One where it reads as midi velocity pedal from 0 to 127. 0 being with it all the way up, and 127 when its all the way down. This makes it so you can assign different sounds to the pedal depending on how pressed/depressed the pedal is.

I have not found the settings in SD 2.0 (if they even exist), so I switch the hi hat pedal setup in the DM10 to a mode called 'note only' so when the pedal is down when you hit the hat it reads as a single note. Everything is working fine now...

Either way, thanks for the replies man!!!

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